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Below are some of the trauma societies that we work with and are integral in trauma surgery and trauma meetings

  1. The American Association For the Surgery of Trauma.

The AAST is a trauma society devoted to finding, sharing, using, and judging knowledge about acute care surgery. This includes trauma surgery, surgical critical care, and emergency general surgery. The AAST does this by promoting research, education, and professional growth in a friendly, collegial environment. It also organizes annual trauma meetings where members come together to discuss critical issues in the field.

First Responders who are critical for trauma care. Photo credit/Pixabay

2. The AANS/CNS Joint Section on Neurotrauma & Critical Care (JSNTCC).

The AANS/CNS Joint Section on Neurotrauma & Critical Care (JSNTCC) educates and researches nervous system trauma and critical care. It also coordinates related activities and programs for the parent trauma care organizations and others. At their discretion, it represents the parent organizations on trauma surgery, trauma CME, critical care, and sports medicine. It also advises the parent organizations on related activities by others. They hold annual meetings and are a leading organization in trauma care.

3. American Trauma Society (ATS).

The American Trauma Society (ATS) works to prevent injuries and disabilities. For over 50 years, the ATS has supported trauma care, prevention initiatives, and those affected by trauma nationwide. Because they aim to reduce injuries and provide top-quality trauma care, their service is top-notch.

Physical trauma includes severe injuries from events like car accidents, gunshots, and falls. The survival of trauma patients depends on a quick, effective local trauma system with immediate response, swift transfer to a good medical facility, and ongoing care.

ATS shares important trauma information and focuses on injury prevention. Members are crucial in trauma care, ensuring patients get the best treatment. The ATS supports members to provide top-notch care in their communities.

4. The Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST).

The Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST) fosters a trauma CME platform for the dissemination of knowledge to enhance the treatment and recovery of traumatized individuals. EAST prioritizes interdisciplinary cooperation, academic pursuits, camaraderie, and the cultivation of leadership skills among young and mid-level surgeons involved in managing traumatized patients. EAST also has several career development opportunities available for its members.

5. European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ESTES).

Established in 2007 due to the merger between the European Association for Trauma & Emergency Surgery and the European Trauma Society, ESTES is dedicated to advancing superior practices in emergency and trauma surgery. This commitment encompasses pre-hospital care, precise diagnosis, timely intervention, specialized intensive care, and effective rehabilitation, all underpinned by global cooperation, scholarly inquiry, and the formulation of educational programs. Their specialized divisions encompass Disaster & Military Surgery, Emergency Surgery, Polytrauma, Visceral Trauma, and Skeletal Trauma & Sports Medicine. 

ESTES also convenes an annual scientific gathering known as the European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ECTES), produces the esteemed European Journal for Trauma and Emergency Surgery (EJTES), and extends Grants and Fellowships to provide tangible assistance in this field.

6. International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care (IATSIC)

IATSIC is an esteemed global Association dedicated to enhancing trauma care for surgical patients across all specialties by promoting and backing research in trauma and intensive care disciplines. Surgeons and anesthetists from around the globe are drawn to its initiatives.

IATSIC functions as an Integrated Society within the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC) and hosts a biennial congress during the International Surgical Week ISW (World Congress of Surgery), organized by all integrated societies under the ISS/SIC umbrella along with numerous esteemed international partner societies.

7. The National Neurotrauma Society

The National Neurotrauma Society is dedicated to advancing neurotrauma research through improved communication, creating a platform for discussion, and bolstering support on a global scale. Their mission is to expedite research efforts aimed at addressing clinical inquiries and enhancing patient treatments. They are committed to upholding field standards, fostering scientific growth, and forging collaborations with key organizations to impact the care and recovery of neurotrauma patients.

8.  Orthopaedic Trauma Association 

The OTA demonstrates adaptability, forward-thinking, and fiscal responsibility. Its diverse global membership is dedicated to delivering care and advancing the understanding of treating injured patients. OTA members exhibit global leadership by promoting education, conducting research, and advocating for patients.

9. The World Coalition for Trauma Care

The World Coalition for Trauma Care’s main mission is to raise awareness of the importance of trauma as a disease. They also aim to teach trauma at all levels, build trauma care systems, and keep up the World Trauma Congress.

10. The Western Trauma Association

The Western Trauma Association dedicates itself to enhancing trauma care by engaging in research, providing education, exchanging clinical insights, and cultivating the skills of physicians across various specialties who contribute to the treatment of trauma patients. The Association strives for not only the expansion of knowledge but also the fostering of emotional maturity through companionship and social connections in a setting conducive to winter sports.

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