The Society has been instrumental in developing important institutions

Founded in Wales in 1941 by Lawrence Holt and Kurt Hahn of Gordonstoun as a school for merchant seamen. RMTS founder Charles Houston and RMTS helped establish OB’s US presence
Mountain Rescue Aspen has responded to wilderness emergencies since 1965, providing mountain search and rescue, day or night, 24/7. MRA founded by Greg Mace with support of RMTS’ Charles Houston and Robert Oden

“I am going to pattern it after the Rocky Mountain Traumatological Society.” – Peter V. Teal, MD, Founder.

Society members, working with Robert McNamara and Fritz Benedict, were instrumental in establishing the mountain hut system.

Rocky Mountain Institute (1982)

Amory Lovins cofounded RMI in Snowmass to pioneer soft energy paths. Singer John Denver, working through his Windstar Foundation, and RMTS were active in its formation.