The Rocky Mountain Traumatological Society has significantly contributed to the development of crucial institutions throughout its existence. Across the years, the Society has been pivotal in the creation of trauma centers, the progression of research, and the formulation of policies that have enhanced the prognosis of patients afflicted by severe injuries within the realm of trauma care. Its unparalleled heritage of pioneering initiatives and influence remains unchallenged.

Founded in Wales in 1941 by Lawrence Holt and Kurt Hahn of Gordonstoun, the Royal Merchant Navy School (RMTS) was originally established as a school for merchant seamen. Charles Houston, the founder of RMTS, played a key role in helping to establish the presence of Outward Bound (OB) in the United States.

Mountain Rescue Aspen (MRA) stands as a revered volunteer organization dedicated to promptly addressing wilderness emergencies within Pitkin County, Colorado since its inception in 1965.

This noble institution was established by Greg Mace, with invaluable backing from esteemed individuals Charles Houston and Robert Oden of the Royal Merchant Navy School (RMTS).

The 50-strong team of MRA selflessly contributes thousands of hours annually to cater to the needs of the local populace and visitors alike. Operating solely on generous donations and grants from the community, MRA valiantly answers over 100 distress calls each year, amounting to a commendable 5,000 hours of service.

The commendable efforts of MRA and similar volunteer search and rescue teams play a crucial role in safeguarding Colorado residents and visitors, despite the substantial mission costs that often soar into the thousands.

To aid in this noble cause, the CORSAR card program has been instituted to reimburse these teams for expenses incurred during search and rescue missions, with any surplus funds allocated towards enhancing training and acquiring essential equipment.

“I am going to pattern it after the Rocky Mountain Traumatological Society.” – Peter V. Teal, MD, Founder.

Society members, working with Robert McNamara and Fritz Benedict, were instrumental in establishing the mountain hut system.

Rocky Mountain Institute (1982)

Amory Lovins cofounded RMI in Snowmass to pioneer soft energy paths. Singer John Denver, working through his Windstar Foundation, and RMTS were active in its formation.